Establishing Acts

Air traffic in the Republic of Croatia is regulated by Air Traffic Act (Official Gazette 92/14, 127/13, 54/13, 84/11, 69/09), Act on Obligatory and Proprietary Rights in Air Traffic (Official Gazette 132/98, 63/08, 134/09 i 94/13), Airports Act (Official Gazette 19/98, 14/11), Act on Establishing the Croatian Air Navigation Services (Official Gazette 19/98, 51/13) and other bylaws and international agreements to which Croatia is party.

Croatian Civil Aviation Agency was founded under Act on Amendments to the Air Traffic Act (Official Gazette 46/07), while the CCAA's Statutes regulates internal structure of the Agency, presentation and representation, financing, business planning and annual reporting, authorities and decision making, general acts, data confidentiality, work transparency and other issues relevant for the CCAA's operations.