Mission and Vision

Clear definition of its mission, vision and strategy are essential for successful and effective business of Croatian Civil Aviation Agency. CCAA is structured as an efficient and responsible organization that applies modern information technology, measures efficiency on both individual and general level and develops human potentials long – term and strategically, thus ensuring high quality and competent human resources for future. CCAA's quality management system is comprehensive and interactive; all procedures are defined and optimized in order to achieve maximum outputs and transparency for all beneficiaries. CCAA must act as a generator and catalyst of positive developments in the aviation industry of the Republic of Croatia.
On the 8th session, held on 27 September 2012, Agency Board adopted key benchmarks for CCAA’s strategic planning. Strategic planning is defined as a systematic approach to decision making, direction definition and implementation of activities that will govern future business of the Agency. First step in this process was the definition of mission, vision and strategy, which would serve as a strategic basis for CCAA's Five – year strategic business plan 2013 – 2017 that is being developed.


In order to ensure safety, security and rights of all stakeholders in civil air traffic and society as a whole, CCAA ensures, within its scope of competence and in a professional, independent and transparent manner, that regulations are implemented. In addition, it takes part in drafting regulations and undertakes other activities that lead to improvement of the overall system, while also collaborating with the aviation community, national and international institutions and organizations.


CCAA has been recognized as playing an important and integral role when it comes to functioning and developing of the civil aviation in a safe and sustainable manner.