Certified & Approved Aerodromes (national legislation)

Aerodrome certification and approval procedure is regulated by the provisions of the articles 73, 74 and 75 of the Air Traffic Act (Official Gazette, NN 69/09, 84/11, 54/13 i 127/13, 92/14) and by the provisions of the Pravilnik o uvjetima kojima mora udovoljavati operator aerodroma za izdavanje te način izdavanja svjedodžbe aerodroma i odobrenja za uporabu aerodroma (NN 41/13).

Pravilnikom o aerodromima (NN 64/12) regulates minimum technical and other standards that are applied in the design, construction, reconstruction and labeling of aerodromes, building and setting up of obstacles in the aerodrome area, as well as the specific construction conditions in the area of approach and departure surfaces.

Detailed explanation of the certification and approval procedure is provided in the Guidelines for issue of approval for the use of aerodrome.

List of registered aerodromes: