An authorization, other than an approval, granted by an appropriate national authority providing relief from the provisions of the Technical Instructions.

If the substance or article is shown in the Table 3-1. Dangerous Goods List in the Technical instructions, as forbidden for transport on either passenger aircraft or both passenger and cargo aircraft the appropriate national authority of the States concerned, In instances:
  1. of extreme urgency; or
  2. when other forms of transport are inappropriate; or
  3. when full compliance with the prescribed requirements is contrary to public interest,
may grant an exemption from the provisions of the Technical Instructions provided that in such instances every effort is made to achieve an overall level of safety in transport which is at least equivalent to the level of safety provided for in these Instructions

Duly completed form (Form V1.1) and required documents must be lodged to Croatian Civil Aviation Agency (CCAA) by e-mail ( at least ten days prior to the proposed flight.