Aircraft Maintenance Program

Maintenance Programme describes how to maintain a specific aircraft in order to maintain its continuing airworthiness. Every aircraft has to be maintained in accordance with the maintenance programme approved by aviation authorities. The maintenance programme shall be periodically reviewed and, if necessary, amended.

Maintenance programme has to ensure compliance with:

  • continuing airworthiness instructions issued by type certificate holder, supplemental certificates holders and every other organization publishing relevant data,
  • instructions issued by the competent authority, in the event that the instructions of type certificate holders are missing or are different from the ones issued by competent body,
  • instructions that are different, and that have been developed by the aircraft owner or operator and approved by the authority.

Aircraft owner is accountable for continuing airworthiness. In the event that the aircraft maintenance has not been carried out according to the approved maintenance programmes, the owner has to make sure that the aircraft remains on ground.