Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information

Type certificate holder is obligated to keep records of certified products (aircraft, engine and propeller) and collect data on their performance.

Data is collected on the basis of obligation of operator and maintenance organization to notify type certificate holder and aviation authorities on any security threat that is compromising or might compromise airworthiness of the product. Both aviation authorities in the state of design and aviation authorities in the state where compromised aircraft was registered or where compromised products were built in have to be notified on the issue.

If based on information on detected threat and consultations with type certificate holder, aviation authorities decide that the aircraft safety has been compromised and that other aircraft might be compromised as well they shall issue Mandatory Continuing Airworthiness Information (MCAI). After MCAI has been published, compromised product will have to be reviewed and controlled or replaced with another one. Once the product has been amended according to MCAI requirements, it shall be considered to be in compliance with the corresponding type certificate.

Issuing of mandatory continuing airworthiness information, both in terms of obligations of the state of design and obligations of the state of register, fall under the competency of EASA.

Certified aircraft holding standard certificate of airworthiness fall under EU regulations. These aircraft are referred to as “EASA aircraft” because authority competence for their certification on the EU territory is European Aviation Safety Agency.