Non-scheduled Air Services

Operation of non-scheduled air services shall be authorized in accordance with international agreements binding on the Republic of Croatia and provisions of the Air Traffic Act.

Foreign aircraft operators are required to operate non-scheduled air services in compliance with the issued operating permit.

Request for operating permit to conduct non-scheduled air services is filed to the Agency on the Application form, or non-scheduled air services available on the CCAA website and must be submitted as follows:

a) For one to four non-scheduled flights, no later than three working days prior to the date of the planned flight;

b) For a series of non-scheduled flight, fifteen work days prior to the start of the first flight.

Aircraft operator must hold EASA TCO Authorization or valid one-off notification according to Regulation EU 452/2014 and submit copies of the following documents together with the application form:

  1. Certificate of Insurance against liability for damages to third parties, passengers, baggage, cargo/mail according to EC Regulation 785/2004;
  2. On request, Security Programme in English language and/or certificate that the Security Programme has been approved by the aviation authorities of the country of the aircraft operator,
  3. Charter agreement in English,
  4. In case of carrying cargo and/or mail from third country airports: ACC3 designation according to Commission Regulations (EC) No. 300/2008 and 185/2010,
  5. Non-objection letters from Croatian operators when applicable
  6. Other relevant information or documentation relating to the specific operation.

All additional changes regarding the previously authorized flight(s) must be notified to the CCAA.

Flight authorization under the Fourth, Fifth and the Seventh Freedom of Air

Fourth, Fifth and the Seventh Freedom traffic rights may be exceptionally granted to the third country operators, provided that:

a) There is a reciprocity in that such rights are granted to Croatian air carriers by the country of the operator;

b) operator has previously obtained non-objection letters for such an air service from all Croatian air carriers, unless otherwise regulated by an international agreement binding on the Republic of Croatia or by the Air Traffic Act.

The operating permit is issued by the CCAA upon the prior opinion provided by the ministry responsible for civil aviation.