Type Certificate, Supplemetal Type Certificate, Repair design

Products (aircraft, engine and propeller) must have type certificate. Type certificate and approval of the type certificate modifications, including supplemental type certificates, are issued once the applicant has demonstrated that the product complies with the certification basis and has no characteristics or features that would make it unsafe for use for which the certification is requested.

Type certificate is issued for the aircraft type that meets all applicable type-certification basis requirements and environment protection requirements, and covers the product including all built-in parts and devices.

Restricted type certificate is issued for an aircraft type that does not meet applicable certification basis requirements and environment protection requirements, after it has been adjusted with the type certification basis that ensures adequate safety level in respect to the intended use of aircraft, and with the applicable environment protection requirements.

Supplemental type certificate shall be issued when the Type certificate has been substantially modified by an individual or organization not holding type certificate.

Repair design shall be developed and approved when damages to the aircraft structure exceed the damages for which repairs are described in the type certificate holder's documentation.

Type certificate, Restricted type certificate and Supplemental type certificate are issued by EASA, as well as Major repair design.

Type certificate and restricted type certificate contain type design, operating limitations, type certificate data sheets for airworthiness and emissions, applicable type certification basis and environment protection requirements, compliance with which has been ascertained by EASA, as well as any other conditions or limitations that have been prescribed for the product in the applicable certification specifications and environment protection requirements. Furthermore, aircraft type certificate and restricted type certificate also include type certificate data sheet for noise. Engine type certificate data sheet includes the record of emission compliance.

Certified aircraft holding standard certificate of airworthiness fall under EU Regulations and are usually referred to as EASA aircraft because EASA is competent for their certification on the EU territory.