Aircraft take-off and landing on land and water operating sites

Applicable legislation: Air Safety Order ASO-2018-004, Air Safety Information Letter ASIL-2018-002

Application form FAO-FRM-005 Rev.3

Aircraft Take-off and Landing on Natural Land and Water Operating sites is permitted only with the approval of the Agency and subject to the conditions specified in the approval taking into account the safety of operations.

The requirements to be met by an aircraft operator for the safe conduct of take-off and landing on land and water operating sites and the conditions under which approval may be issued are defined in the ASO-2018-004.

An application for an approval for take-off and landing of aircraft on land and water operating sites shall be submitted by an aircraft operator on the application form. Properly filled out application must be accompanied by the documents listed on the application form and together with a fee of HRK 20 and submitted to the Agency no later than 7 working days before the commencement of the operation.