Non-commercial flights (flights carried out without remuneration or other valuable consideration)

For non-commercial flights of foreign aircraft within the territory of the Republic of Croatia, no entry, transit or transport permission is required if the aircraft is registered in the ICAO member state. Aircraft operator shall indicate the purpose of the flight in the flight plan and declare it as non-commercial (private) flight.

Flights of foreign sport and recreation aircraft in the Republic of Croatia

Applicable legislation: Pravilnik o uvjetima i načinu upotrebe sportsko rekreativnih zrakoplova, OG 34/14, 66/14

Foreign sport and recreational aircraft can be flown in Croatian airspace only on the basis of an authorization for flight and submitted flight plan when crossing the Croatian border.

It is considered that foreign sport and recreational aircraft is authorized to fly in the Croatian airspace if the following conditions are met:

a. aircraft has a valid certificate of airworthiness in accordance with the regulations of the country of registration of the aircraft,

b. aircraft must be insured in accordance with the EU regulation governing mandatory insurance for the aircraft, and

c. aircraft is not allowed to be used for operations for which remuneration is received, except in the case of participation in flying displays or competitions.

Foreign sport and recreational aircraft in Croatian airspace can be flown by a pilot who is authorized to fly sport and recreational aircraft in compliance with the applicable requirements of the country of registration of the aircraft.

For additional information please consult AIP Croatia.