FAQ - Flight Authorisation

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Do EU air carriers from EU have to be granted flight authorization from the Agency in order to fly to/from Croatia?

Air carriers of the Member States of the European Union and European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein) have the right to operate air services into, from and within the Republic of Croatia without any authorization, but shall have to provide the Agency with a written notification detailing important elements of the flight. Swiss air carriers enjoy the same traffic rights, except cabotage rights.

How do I acquire the approval out-of-airport landing and take off?

Requirements and conditions for off-airport takeoff and landing is prescribed in following regulations:

  • Ordinance on the Rules of the Air (OG 128/14)

  • Ordinance on helicopter operations to and from natural helicopter landing sites (OG 52/12, 8/13)

  • Air Safety Order on Take-Off and Landing on Natural Land and Water Operating sites ASO-2014-004 Rev.1

Aircraft operator must apply for approval on published form and submit copies of: Pilot Licence and Medical, proof of the aircraft pilot's relevant experience (Flight Log Book), Certificate of Airworthiness (Airworthiness Review Certificate) and Insurance Certificate for third party legal liability and/or other as required by corresponding regulations.

Is it possible for foreign air operator to perform aerial work operations in Croatia?

When a foreign aircraft operator intends to perform aerial work in the Republic of Croatia Agency’s approval is required in accordance with the conditions prescribed by the Air Safety Order ASO-2012-003. Approval is to be obtained for all aerial work operations, both commercial and non commercial.

Is approval required for releasing luminous objects such as open-flame balloons (sky lanterns)?

Yes. As of 4th December 2014 Agency no longer issues approvals, but permissions from air navigation service provider (www.crocontrol.hr) as well as from competent authority of local or regional self-government are required.