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How to ensure airspace reservation for the purpose of parachute jumps?

For the purpose of parachute jumps is necessary to ensure airspace reservation if parachuting activities conducted in controlled airspace unless it is established and published zone for such activities, or if parachuting activities perform within the limits of the controlled zone (CTR).

Airspace reservation will be ensured by sending a completed application form, eight working days before the scheduled date of performing parachute jumps to Croatia Control Ltd. Airspace use Section (Tel: 01 6259592, 01 6259498, Fax: 01 6259574, Email: ouzp@crocontrol.hr).

More information on: http://www.crocontrol.hr/PadobranskiSkokovi01

What is the organization and classification of Flight Information Region Zagreb?

FIR-Flight Information Region Zagreb is defined as airspace of defined dimensions within which flight information service and alerting are provided. Flight Information Region extends beyond the Croatian airspace, up to the limits established by international agreements binding on the Republic of Croatia.

Limits FIR_ Zagreb were published in the Aeronautical Information of Croatian section ENR 2.1 with pre-loaded EAD site.

The airspace within the FIR Zagreb is classified as a Class C airspace, D, and G according to the following scheme:

ATS airspace classification within Zagreb FIR

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