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Commission updates the EU air safety list

The European Commission has today updated the EU Air Safety List, the list of airlines that are subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union. The update clears Kazakh carrier Air Astana, but adds Iraqi Airways.Read more
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New Croatian Civil Aviation Agency Director takes up role

Government of the Republic of Croatia, at its 229th session held on May 21, have approved nomination of mr. Ante Lažeta as a new CCAA Director.Read more
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Performance and advertising of UAS flight operations without valid authorization or operator declaration shall be considered an offence

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List of airlines banned within the EU

To improve safety further, the European Commission – in close consultation with the aviation safety authorities of all Member States – has decided to ban certain airlines from operating in European airspace, because they are found to be unsafe and/or they are not sufficiently overseen by their authoritiesRead more
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Aviation: certifying third country operators to cut red tape and boost air safety

By 2016, all non-EU airlines wishing to fly to the EU will be required to hold such authorisation certifying their compliance with international safety standardsRead more