Agency Bodies

According to the Article 11 of the CCAA's Statues, bodies of the Agency are Agency’s Board and Agency’s Director.

Agency Board

Agency is governed by the Board consisting of five members. They are appointed by the Government upon the proposal of the Minister, for a period of four years and possibility of reappointment.

The Board of the Agency performs the following tasks:

  • passes the Statutes of the Agency with the prior approval of the Government of the Republic of Croatia;
  • passes other general acts in accordance with the law and the Agency's Statutes,
  • adopts the Agency's annual work and development plan and monitors its implementation;
  • adopts the financial plan and final account of the Agency;
  • invites tenders for the election of the Agency’s director, appoints and dismisses the Agency’s Director with the consent of the Minister;
  • appoints and dismisses the Agency’s deputy director upon the proposal of the Agency’s Director;
  • decides on the Agency's borrowing and assuming of financial obligations exceeding the amount that is not within

Board of the Agency

Danijel Turkalj,,President

Andrija Vidović, PhD, Vice President

Professor Sanja Steiner, PhD.E.E, Member

Josip Čuletić, retired Air Force general, Member

Mirko Božić, Member

Agency Director

Head of the Agency is Director who organizes the work and operations of the Agency, represents the Agency and performs other duties as defined in the Statute of the Agency. Director is appointed by the Board of the Agency, based on a public tender and with the consent of the Government, for a five-year mandate and possibility of re-appointment. Deputy Director is also appointed by the Board of the Agency for a period of five years. Deputy Director will replace Director in the case of his absence, and perform other duties as defined in the Statute. Director reports to the Board of the Agency and to the Minister.


Marin Puh,

  • Graduated from the Air Force Academy and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
  • Worked as the Commander of the 91st Air Force Base Zagreb, Staff Officer in the Office of COS for the Air Force and Air Defence, Senior adviser for firefighting operations and training in the system of protection and rescue,
  • National Protection and Rescue Directorate Representative at the NATO Air Defence Committee (NADC) in the two-year term,
  • Year-long working experience in the air traffic control and aviation security, knowledge about plans preparation and activities of all participants in the protection and rescue system, medical evacuation and transportation,
  • Member of the Airport Security Committees (Zagreb and Osijek),

Professional competence: military pilot, flight instructor, professional pilot